A female Health And Fitness should-i-ask-my-boyfriend-if-he-knows-what-his-friend-says-about-me Should I ask my boyfriend if he knows what his friend says about me? Relationship & Sex    age 18-21, *ingergal writes:

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Recently a friend of mine was talking to me about an interaction she had with one of her guy friends, lets call him Brian. Brian happens to also be close friends with my boyfriend and lived with him last year. While my friend was hanging out with Brian, he started talking to her about my relationship, and how much money my boyfriend spends on me.

Brian went on to imply that I am a mooch. Though I make a huge point to pay for my half of my dates, even if it is just groceries for a home made dinner. Knowing that this guy, who I originally thought of as my friend too, thinks this about me makes me mad. I have only ever talked about my financial opinion on dates (aka the need to split almost everything) with anyone but a few girlfriends who have asked, so I don’t expect him to know this. Though for him to assume that my boyfriend pays for everything just seems sexist and judgemental. Knowing about this conversation also makes me curious about how many of my boyfriends and my friends Brian has said this to. I know I can’t bring it up with him directly without him knowing who told me, but can I bring this up with my boyfriend? More specifically would it be out of line to ask my boyfriend if he knew his friend was saying these things to others? Or if he may know if more of his friends think this way?

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