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Should I have fought it out to the end?

I have just finished a family court proceeding today, regaurding my daughter, who is now nine years in age. She has been living with her dad since December 2015. It was during the Christmas period when she was due to spend time with him for Christmas where it all began. I was in desperate need of hospital treatment for psychotic depression, so ended up staying for three weeks in hospital getting better. Fast forward to the year 2016 and circumstances resulted in family mediation service. It was agreed at that point she would return in my care. However,eventually my daughters dad wanted to take things to court for full residency of our daughter. This had gone on for a lengthy period of time and included various different people doing all types of assessments etc. It worked out that my daughter’s dad had a stronger case and that my past mental health prognosis and personality disorder were considered too much of an issues on the courts part. The child gauridan who deals with families in assecing the child’s needs said that she was recommending that my daughter stay with her dad, that she is happy in school and is thriving with her dad. After reading everything sent from the court, I decided that I would no longer fight for my daughter, knowing deep down that it wouldn’t of gone in my favour and her being happy with him and the friends she has. If I hadn’t agreed today that I am OK with my daughter permanently residing with her dad, the judge would have made the desion from yesterday. I wanted to do the right thing by my daughter and said that I would let her take an initiative if she wants to come back to me and then take further action. I feel really upset and wonder whether I should have fought it out to the very end, rather than giving up that right and letting the judge vocalise the desion. Feeling gutted.

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