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A guy i had got to know had occasionally winked and started bantering by text with me. We started having really good chats together bantering and flirting and then at a recent party we were both texting each other and he was saying I bet you really do flirt (He was quite drunk) maybe we can test that when I next see you. Then the chat went onto photos and I said he already had three of me (nothing incriminating) so I wanted one of him. He sent me a torso one. I said it was a naughty one (maybe those types arent) and he said why is it naughty I am just evening out the three of you with my one. Anyway two days later he apologised for sending the photo saying he was drunk at the time and that it was just good fun. I take it I should just leave it now or was it a case of ‘drunken thoughts speaks sober my mind’

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