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I work at a factory where machinery is etc. I’m aware of health and safety and what the does and do nots are. always let someone know I’m passing through. someone grassed on me at work which I wasn’t happy about and had a meeting with an assistant boss as apparently according to him and chinese whispers. I had broken the health and safety rules, which I didn’t and denied this right away and told him he had got his facts wrong, he then threatened me and issued me with a letter about my behaviour, and the letter said. if they received further reports I’d face disciplinary action.

I know who the person is who reported me and I haven’t confronted them yet about their actions and feel as though I must do. there also is favouritism where I’m given jobs to do which are not in my job title and do not fit the job description. I have spoken to the assistant boss about this and he doesn’t seem to want to know and just dismisses it, I’m under paid at the company. others are getting higher pay to me and I should be on the same as they are. I also look after my sick mum who I have care responsibilities for and get very little help with that as it’s always me that does it. I feel that I should resign from my job because it isn’t worth it and don’t need the stress and having pointless meetings about an imaginary conduct. how do I resign from this? how do I confront the person and what do I say? need help with this, thanks.

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