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Falling or staying asleep may seem like a difficult task when your brain is full of intense and overwhelming thoughts of stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s 3 a.m. in the night and you’re still staring at the ceiling or scrolling the screen of your smartphone, you’re not alone on this planet, a recent study revealed that more than 500 million people across the globe experience sleep problems in a row. The number of people who buy sleep-aid medications has been doubled in the last few years, a survey claims.

Uncontrolled daily habits, jet lag, rotational shifts or night shifts are some common factors that contribute to severe and chronic insomnia and other sleep disorders in the people. Lack of proper sleep leads to a number of physical and psychological health problems in the people.

Why We Need Restorative Sleep During the Night?

Sleep is the most important factor that helps people to live a healthy and quality lifestyle, i.e. sleep is the most important biological need of our lives. Having a poor sleep hygiene may contribute to an array of daily life challenges, including impaired cognitive skills, memory loss, concentration issues, fatigue, tiredness, mood or behavioral changes and reduced alertness.

To maximize productivity, every person on this planet needs quality/restorative sleep during the night, a study says. Sleep hygiene is a real thing, i.e. maintaining a balanced sleep-wake cycle or sleep routine can help people to deal with their daily routine challenges.

Restorative sleep or commonly known as REM sleep is the most crucial phase of your sleep routine, i.e. without getting REM sleep during the night, a person can’t survive normally on the following day. REM sleep phase is the most important sleep phase that helps our body to heal damaged tissues and muscles, improve memory and cognitive skills, reduce the risk of physical, emotional and psychological health disorders and help our brain to perform essential calculations and flush unwanted toxic substances.

REM sleep phase enhances the rejuvenation process of the body, including protein synthesis, muscle growth, and tissue repair. In addition, people who fall asleep or stay asleep have improved mental and physical functions, including quick learning, cognitive skills, immunity, stress reduction, tissue regeneration and much more.

Steps to Improve Your Restorative Sleep:

If you’re one of those 40% people who are struggling to get enough sleep in their daily routine, searching new ways that can help them to get a perfect sleep and implementing different therapies or procedures to fall asleep easily or stay asleep during the night for a longer time, than this article is for you.

Here are some steps that can improve your sleep quality:

Caffeine is Your Health’s Enemy – Science says that caffeine in your body causes alertness or may boost your productivity for a short time, however, in the long run, caffeine or other stimulants, like alcohol, nicotine or other chemicals can impair your internal biological clock and contribute to a number of health consequences. It’s better to avoid caffeinated drinks, like tea, coffee, cold drinks, etc. before sleep.

Bedroom Should Be Your Bedroom – People usually complained that they can’t experience the feeling of falling asleep in their bedroom. The researchers of the National Sleep Foundation say that a number of bedroom factors affect people’s sleep, i.e. temperature, environment, and light. Keep your bedroom cool, calm and dark for a better sleep quality, i.e. avoids other activities, such as watching TV, using a smartphone, eating or e-reading in your bedroom. Your bedroom should be always used for sleeping and love-making. In addition, adjust the temperature between 68 degrees to 72 degrees to turn your bedroom into a sleep-inducing environment.

Follow a Fixed Sleep Routine – Going to bed at a fixed time may improve your internal biological clock’s functioning, i.e. your circadian rhythm controls your sleep-wake cycle by controlling the production of melatonin in the body, i.e. it increases the production of melatonin in the evening that helps you to fall asleep easily and stay asleep during the night. More so, circadian rhythm decreases the production in the morning to keep you awake and alert throughout the day. Following a fixed sleep routine improves the functioning of the circadian rhythm.

Take Light Meals Before Sleep – Eating heavy meals may cause interference in your sleep-wake cycle, i.e. overeating or heavy meals cause extra load on your digestive system that contributes to sleep disturbances or poor sleep quality during the night. In addition, balance your fluid intake to maintain the right levels of water in your body, it will help you to stay asleep during the night.

Exercise – Physical activities, sports, yoga, meditation, and exercise are the most important factors that help you to get quality sleep during the night, however, for quick and complete benefits, everything should be done at a right time, exercise before sleep may cause interference in your sleep routine. Exercise early for a balanced sleep-wake cycle and healthy lifestyle.

Sleep-aid Medications – The researchers of the National Sleep Foundation approved some good sleep-aid medications for insomnia and other sleep disorders that help people to fall asleep or stay asleep. If you’re experiencing severe and chronic signs of insomnia and other sleep disorders, i.e. if natural therapies, home remedies or other ways can’t treat your insomnia, talk to a doctor to know the best sleep-aid medications according to your symptoms.


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