A female Health And Fitness strange-things-keep-happening-after-my-one-night-stand Strange things keep happening after my one-night stand! Relationship & Sex    age 30-35, anonymous writes:

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Hi everyone I split up with my partner but we carried on living together until he found somewhere to live I went out and slept with someone it was just a one night stand I woke up and told him I had a boyfriend even though we had split up just cos i only wanted it to be a one night stand the relationship with my partner was boring he showed me no love or attention at all and he prefers to look at porn than me that was 2 months ago now last month me and my ex boyfriend talked and decided to give things another go so obviously I didn’t tell him about the one night stand as I don’t see any point as we weren’t together at the time but strange things keep happening I was out the other day and my neighbor told me there was 2 girls about the same age as me knocking at my door and looking through my room window this morning I heard a knock at the door by the time I had got to the door they had gone my neighbor said it was a man so my worries are now does this man I had a one night stand with know where I live and do you think it could all be connected it was 7 weeks ago the one night stand and I do regret it because I don’t normally do things like that I’m so paranoid about his Turning up at my door and my partner finding out what do I do thank you

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A male reader, WiseOwlE Health And Fitness strange-things-keep-happening-after-my-one-night-stand-1 Strange things keep happening after my one-night stand! Relationship & Sex     + , writes (19 October 2018):

Don’t let paranoia and guilt get the better of you. Keep your wits about you! How were you to know things would turnaround?Acting on a rebound-impulse is a bad idea for this very reason.You hop into bed with a stranger, or go out and seek vengeful-sex; with some lame excuse to justify it in your head. The next thing you know, you’re scared to death your partner is going to find-out about what you did. That’s what you should have thought about before you did it. Nothing good comes from acting irresponsibly on an impulse.Well, what’s done is done; and you’re assuming the guy, or a couple of women, showed up at your door. Well, so-what if they did? All he can say is you had a one-night stand. They will all look like a flock of idiots.He’s probably in a mess with one of his exes. She was likely stalking his place, and followed you home. He got wind of it, and probably came to warn you.If the situation presents itself, face it. Let the truth be known, and test whether this reconciliation is strong enough to withstand it. If it can’t, it would probably be because the odds are against most reconciliations. They rarely workout. The problems you and your ex had rarely can be repaired. Porn-addiction in a loveless-relationship doesn’t seem like an easy-fix. People generally get back together out of fear of dealing with the withdrawal-pains after a breakup. Jealousy at the thought of their exes being with someone else; or they’re not strong enough to move on. Even though there’s no-way it’s going to work-out. They just keep beating a dead-horse until they get tired of trying; and just grow-up, and move-on.If he can’t deal with what happened; chances are, the relationship wasn’t strong enough to hold together anyway. The first thing you did was go find a one-night stand. The other wrong thing to do was take him back!Breaking-up and making-up is a bad cycle to start. It becomes a habit; and sometimes can go on and off for years. Not necessarily out of love; but due to co-dependency. Which is a weak foundation to build your relationship upon.I guess you’ll eventually have to fess-up and face the music. Otherwise, you’ll jump out of your skin every-time someone knocks at the door! Not sure why you’re so paranoid? When his watching porn upsets you, and he shows you no love. What’s that to go back to anyway?

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A female reader, Youcannotbeserious Health And Fitness strange-things-keep-happening-after-my-one-night-stand Strange things keep happening after my one-night stand! Relationship & Sex     + , writes (19 October 2018):

Health And Fitness cb00d1ef-0a14-495d-ae29-55bd6b6b2f04 Strange things keep happening after my one-night stand! Relationship & Sex    I suspect your guilty conscience is adding 2 + 2 together and making a lot more than 4. How do you know these people (whose appearance at your door could be genuine mistakes) are not something to do with your boyfriend?How much do you trust your neighbour? Could this neighbour be playing games of some sort? After all, you have only his/her word on both occasions as to what happened. Could he/she be trying to make you feel insecure so you turn to him/her to “protect” you? Does the neighbour know you are back with your boyfriend? Do they know about the one night stand? Perhaps they know the guy you had the one night stand with? There are all sorts of possibilities here but I doubt it has anything to do with your one night stand. If you think there is any chance your boyfriend could find out, the best thing would be to tell him first. After all, you two were not together, so you were not cheating.

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