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Before I start the discussion about natural ways to cure constipation, I want to explain a bit about:

What is Constipation?
What are the Symptoms of Constipation?

What is Constipation?

A disease in which one finds it difficult to pass the stool is called constipation. Although there are many causes of constipation, the main cause of constipation is the lack of water.

What are the Symptoms?

Following are some of the common symptoms of constipation:

A headache
Fewer than 3 stools a week
Pain in the abdominal area
Feeling that rectum is not empty even if you finish with the stool

I hope now you have an overview of constipation. If the above-mentioned symptoms remain for more than 2 days, then it is 100% sure that you have constipation. As now you know that you are constipated so let’s get started to learn some natural ways to cure constipation.

4 Natural Ways to Cure Constipation

Let’s start the discussion thoroughly.

1. Healthy Diet

Your diet plays an important role when it comes to relieving constipation. You or anyone could easily block his intestines by eating junk foods like burgers, chips, fried food etc.

It is recommended that you change your eating habits and eat healthy foods. It is recommended that you eat food more which contain fiber. Fruits and vegetables are a rich source of it and one must increase the use of them in daily routine. I am not saying just eat fruits and vegetables but add them also to your diet.

Following are some best fruits and vegetables for constipation cure.





2. Castor Oil

Castor oil is a natural laxative. It gives a quick relief from constipation if used properly.

How to use it?

Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of it in a cup of warm milk. Drink it 2 to 3 times a day and you will see that your constipation is gone. You will start seeing the results within few hours of using it. There are many other oils which you can use but this is one of the best available essential oils for constipation and it gives a quick relief.

3. Drink Water and Fresh Juices

Drinking lots of water daily is also essential for the body. One must drink 2 to 5 liters of water daily for the body to perform well. Water keeps our body hydrated and away from lots of diseases. Water helps in removing the dryness in the abdominal or intestinal area which in turn cure constipation.

Fresh juices also help in soothing the intestinal muscles and help in passing the stool easily. Orange juice is the best one.

4. Green Tea

We all are aware of many benefits of green tea and weight loss is the most common which everybody knows, but only a few of us know that it also helps in curing constipation.

Those who have constipation must drink 2 cups of green tea, one early in the morning and one at night before going to sleep. With a regular use of green tea, you will see a great improvement.

Following are some more benefits of Green Tea which most of us do not know:

Helps in Curing Diabetes
Lowers Blood Pressure
Reduces Risk of Heart Diseases
Solves Kidney Problems
Helps in Treating Congestion and Flu etc…

Closing statement…

By using the above mentioned 4 remedies you can cure diabetes naturally and the great thing is that you do not have to use any medicines. These methods have no side effects, so you can use them without any risk.

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