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When people feel like their marriage is going on the rocks, they would usually ask friends and family for help, or see marriage counselors. To be honest, going to an expert may sound like a good idea; however, there are still some great options to think about. Some relationship experts say that seeking an advice in a hairy situation in marriage often ends badly.

The problem is that experts give advice that promise to work. They sound pretty good. It seems like a logical thing to do, but they are often just expensive advice. Divorce itself is hard to process, and if you are thinking about it that way, you need to be careful what advice to take so you wouldn’t end up alone. The goal is to save the marriage.

First of all, the worst thing you can do is tell your spouse how you really feel. Imagine the other way around. Imagine that your partner is telling you things you don’t want to hear. Of you being honest to the other person can cause suffering, think about it again. It can ruin your relationship.

In this century, when we are trying to be equal and tolerant, it’s not only about doing, it’s about listening and making compromises. If you only attend your weekly session with the counselor and then continue as always, small are the chances that you could save your marriage.

Listening is an important part of every marriage now. And if your marriage is broken, it needs leadership. And when you feel that you are in a den, take control and ask your partner to work on things you find inappropriate, excessive or other. The next time they see something, they have the right to ask the same.

Only if you listen and then act on it, there is a chance.

These are some different, but still very successful advice on marriage.

Do it yourself

You don’t need your spouse to fix things with you. There are many situations where you can be the hero of your marriage without your partner even knowing that you are one. It does not take two to tango. If you still want your partner to help you, if they are in a good mindset, they will just join you on your journey to a better life.

Stop with stupid questions

If you constantly keep asking yourself if you married the right person, you are already slipping. The key to a fruitful marriage is not finding the right person; it is actually about loving the person you found.

Do it all over
Learn how to make your partner appreciate you, fall in love with you and keep it alive. If you want them to respect you, earn that respect. Become close again, do things you never did, there are many things that could simply revive the butterflies and the feeling of being blessed with what you have. Take every step possible; consult your near and dear ones. You can even take some counseling for this.

A lot of troubles in marriages can be overcome by taking in advices from the right places. A lot of matrimonial sites in India offer counseling help to couples who are matched online. For instance in Kerala, Matrimony Christian sites even have counselor support for couples who are planning to get married.

All that the couples need to do is simply use Kerala Matrimony Login to access their account on the respective matrimony site and get advice regarding anything and everything, before and after marriage. This in particular is something that goes a long way in saving marriages.

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