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So last year I was meeting this guy for a while (about 2 months) and to my shock he told me that he was going to prison. He had gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd something to do with drugs and he got sentenced. We agreed to not talk whilst he’s in prison because it would mess both our heads up. I was obviously a little gutted but knew it was for the best. So he has recently got out of jail and he got in touch with me , it has been nice to hear from him and he wants to take me out on a date which I have said yes too. Just whilst we have been speaking again he seems very distant. Some days he can be phoning/texting all day then some days hardly speak at all, maybe speak in the morning and then that’s it. I confronted him and he said I need to relax he’s trying to sort himself out and he’s taking me out so what does that show me. Am I being abit dramatic thinking it’s me he doesn’t want to talk to? Or do you think it’s because he’s adjusting to life again? He was in prison for 14 months so quite a while to be away for. Could someone give me some advice please? What could be going on with him?

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