A female Health And Fitness why-do-i-feel-fear-and-anxiety-of-not-being-able-to-cope Why do I feel fear and anxiety of not being able to cope? Relationship & Sex    age 36-40, *atnip writes:

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I’ve always suffered with anxiety and ruminating thoughts etc. Lately this has got alot worse. I’ve been trying to work through and figure at out what the under lying feelings are and why I feel this way. I feel alot of fear and get so overwhelmed but even the smallest of task. It’s like I have a fear i can’t or won’t be able to cope. I’m a working busy parent like many others so it’s all the usual juggling and stuff to be done. I know it’s life stuff. I remember my mother who was severely depressed and pretty neglectful when I was young found everything a chore and spent most of her time letting us know it. Sometimes I catch my thoughts and think “God I sound like my mother”.

What I would really like is to feel empowered and be stronger and have more confidence. However, I was thinking about this and strangely this also frightens me. I can be honest and look at myself and I see I’m getting stuck in some kind of negative almost victim like mentality and maybe because that’s familiar it’s scary to think about being empowered and independent and change that. I do have abandonment issues which I work on but do come up. So maybe it’s something to do with that. I want to work on this before it starts over taking so much and spills out into my everyday life more and more. My question is why do I feel fear and anxiety of not being able to cope AND being able to cope AND feel empowered.

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