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Hello. I am a 43 year old woman who asked for advice with her I’ll health and dead end personal life last hear and I got good advice.

This year, I worked in a better job and started dating people in may. I do meet men but they are usually younger and only want me for sex. Despite being friendly, they don’t want to date me. I understand that I can’t give a man a child at 43 ( soon to be 44) but why do people string me along? I am not pushy, arrogant or high maintenance. My mum is also coming to stay with me for 2 months and I know I can’t bring a man home but I shouldn’t have to unless he is worthy. Isn’t that how this should work? The men I dated are intelligent and chatty and I liked one of them a lot. But he won’t engage unless he has plans for sex. After being in a lonely alcoholic marriage for over 7 years , I have the courage to date but this is what I get. Am I doing something wrong? Should I wait and date and not bring him home? Will I end up being single as I am 44 and too old to have kids? Thank you for your advice.

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