A female Health And Fitness why-is-he-acting-like-he-has-a-broken-heart-when-he-is-the-one-that-rejected-me Why is he acting like he has a broken heart when he is the one that rejected me? Relationship & Sex    age 26-29, anonymous writes:

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Since past 3 weeks me and this friend of mine didnt had good time. We had been through cold issues, ignored each other, pretended to be okay yet it was hearbreaking for both of us and then got back again. All of this we (rather I went through) just to hear something that I already knew.

Coming to the main issue,So he knew something was wrong with me I was distancing myself from him but he wanted to know what was the reason. 3 weeks back he tried and tried hard to know why I was behaving distance. I was fumbling and had fear of being heartbroken because I loved him, yes I was in love with him but I felt somewhere that he dont feel the same for me neither we had future together so I wanted to keep it in me and I didn’t speak up. To this he went so depressed and sad that our friendship got cold. We started ignoring each other but I knew he was broken by me walking away. After ignoring for weeks I again confronted him today to make him understand that I cannot open up certain things because I was not ready to face the outcome. I tried making him understand alot…! Alot…!! That how it will affect me. I expected him to understand and excuse me for this moment atleast. But instead he kept on saying things in positive way that did give me a hint that maybe he feels the same and so he wants me to speak up. He was provoking me to let it out. But still I urged him to not force me. Then he said until I wont say it he wont let me go. And slowly slowly I got under his influence and decided to speak up. I didnt had courage, I still had doubt but being all vulnarable I spoke up “I have grown feelings for u and do u feel same the way I feel for u.” And he was like ” what kind of feelings I am not understanding” ( he knew it very well what I wanted to say it was obvious) then I said ” I like u” he said purposely “sorry I didnt heard u” I said it again in loud “I like u”All in return I got this useless explaination ” look I have equal feelings for all the friends in my life and I will keep caring and loving u all just the way I do. And yes ur special amongst all those because I had never been so close to any girl the way I’ve been with u…” He have no idea that he literally forced me to say all my feelings which I knew are not same for him just to get his rejection…!!!And now, right now he is floading his status with heartbreaks and depression quotes which is making confused. Here I’m the one who is broken yet staying strong and he is devasted. Why is he behaving like this, just because rejected me. It is affecting me alot.

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