A female Health And Fitness why-is-the-state-taking-so-long-to-give-my-child-what-is-due-to-him-from-his-absent-father Why is the state taking so long to give my child what is due to him from his absent father? Relationship & Sex    age 41-50, anonymous writes:

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Dear Cupid I am a single parent and I have been fighting for childsupport for many years finally I am receiving it. But my children are grown the oldest passed away natural causes and I have a son he is grown. Their dad finally got caught after many years of nonpayment my question to you is all of his assets were frozen they even took his life insurance policy, cars and who knows what else. So will my son be entitled to money from his insurance policy and is there a statue of limitations on my case.He has gotten married now and it’s like my child has suffered to long mentally and physically I mean money isnt and can’t solve everything but it will give him some of the things.

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